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Adding a pdf with an image - Fall Classes

You can’t use a pdf as an image (or see it automatically), but you can link to download. What I like to do is use part or all of the jpg as an image and then link the pdf to it. There are online free converters if you need to convert a pdf to jpg, but you can always take a screen shot. On your mac choose “command+shift+4” at the same time and it will bring up a crosshair that you can drag the area you want to take a photo of and then it will automatically put it on your desktop for you. Here is a good website if you would like to have on hand as well, but there are a lot of ads that you have to be careful not to click on and that can be frustrating. Just avoid clicking on the big green button that looks like what you are supposed to click on. https://smallpdf.com/ or https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-jpg